Men's Costumes

  1. Storybook Prince Costume

    The Storybook Prince features a blue jacket with red cuffs and epaulets, gold sash and belt. Gloves, pants and shoes are not included.

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  2. Big Bad Wolf

    The Big Bad Wolf adult costume features a headpiece with attached bonnet, nightie with faux fur and slippers. This costume is only available in a standard size.

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  3. Big Bad Wolf Costume

    Fur Bodysuit With Attached Tail, Character Mask With Fur, Paws With Fur, Fur Shoe Cover

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Maybe you’re a hero hidden behind a mask or a badge, or a villain who can throw the world into chaos with a wink. Play a king, a knight, or a historical party animal; leave your friends laughing at the best joke they’ve seen all year, or freeze their blood by wandering out of the shadows with black robes, a slasher’s smile, or dead, gray skin that dangles off your bones while you’re doing your zombie walk. In any case, we have a costume that’s ready to let that hidden, Halloween part of yourself out to play.