Boy's Costume

  1. Minion Dave Costume

    This licensed Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave child costume includes jumpsuit, gloves, headpiece and goggles.

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  2. Minion Dave Costume

    This licensed Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave adult costume includes jumpsuit, gloves, headband and goggles.

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  3. Minion Dave Costume

    Jumpsuit and Headpiece.

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  4. Blathazar Bratt Child's Costume

    You would be upset too if you starred in a childhood TV show that got cancelled before the final episode aired. This officially licensed Despicable 3 Balthazar Bratt child's costume will put you right into the purple jumpsuit of Balthzar Bratt. Now you can look just like Balthazar Bratt while fulfilling evil deeds! This costume features a jumpsuit, headpiece, gloves, self adhesive moustache and self adhesive eyebrows.

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Halloween is calling, and we’re here to get all the pirates, ninjas, ghosts and superheroes ready to answer that call. Dress your mischievous boy as a ninja or a ghost so he can startle and delight his friends, give him a crown and watch him rule the neighborhood for a night, or help him play a pirate captain and raid the fun-sized candy together. Whether your little boy goes trick-or-treating as Iron Man, Batman, his favorite cartoon  character or a cop, firefighter, doctor ready to save the day, with the right costume he’s the hero (or superhero!) of his own Halloween adventure.