Striped Necktie Green And Blue

Trying to dress up as a mob boss from the 1920's? Maybe you'd like to be a singer from the 50's like Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack? Perhaps you'd enjoy dressing up as one of the wolves on Wall Street from the 80's and 90's? Well if you want to portray any of these classic looks then you'll need to have one thing, style. The mafia, the entertainers, and the Wall Street brokers all dressed their best. They dressed for success and, for many years, that's what they all saw. So take a lesson from them and get your hands on this Green/Blue Striped Necktie! Matched with the right suit, this tie will drive you right to the top of the success ladder! Give your costume the upgrade it deserves with this Striped Necktie and then even use it at your next job interview when you dress to impress.

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